Semi-permanent polish is favored by a lot nowadays. It has become one of the latest fashion trends. It can last up to 3 weeks without losing its shine or peeling off. The base coat is not optional. It will help the gel polish to properly adhere to your nail. It also provides a clear protective layer between the nail and the pigment of the polish above. It is your best defense against staining. Be careful not to touch the cuticle or the nail edge because it can cause lifting. The tip of your nail must also be painted with the base coat and the top coat.

A top coat and a base coat have different chemical components. Resist the urge to use the top coat as a base coat and vice versa. They cannot be interchanged with each other. Your manicure may look great but it will fall apart after a day or two.

Semi-permanent polish

What is base coat?

A bases semipermanentes or semi-permanent base coat prevents polish stains on the nail and helps the polish to stick on the nail. It also gives the polished nail an even texture and prevents the nail to become brittle. This is less expensive in most cases because it only has basic ingredients. This is the very first layer that you apply in this manicure. Lifting results from the base coat touching the cuticle. The manicure will not last as long if this happens. To avoid it, cap the free edge of the nails. To do this, paint the tip of the nail with the base coat. Dry it in a lamp.

How to apply base coat:

  1. Prepare the nail by removing the cuticles and pushing. Give it the desired shape using a file. Tint it with a polishing pad and use the Nail Cleaner to degrease it.
  2. Apply a very thin layer of base without touching the cuticle. Paint the edge of the nail and dry it in a lamp.

Apply cuticle oils after your manicure is done. This will hydrate the cuticle and will make your enamel flawless. The basis for semi-permanent enameling is the most important product in a manicure. Be careful when choosing the most appropriate product that fits your nail. Different types of nails need different kinds of bases. Choose the most suitable for your nails and enjoy!

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