10 things to know about advertisement production

Well adds are everywhere. While you will be opening your virtual medium you can be able to see some E advertisement. While watching television with every short continuous interval there will be advertisement. From signal to newspaper, from handouts to audio medium it’s everywhere. And they are extensively designed to trick your mind. While we think we know almost everything about advertisement, you are wrong. Well fret not. Here in this artefact we are going to discuss about ten tricks about advertisement production which will make you smarter than the average consumer. Stick to this article if it interests you.

The top ten tricks which will make you smarter

  1. Color makes a huge difference: According to scientific studies conducted by some American association, it has been clearly stated that hues makes quite a difference as well as impact in the mind of the consumer. For eg if any shade of ted has been used in an advertisement it will be associated with excitement as well as boldness. While blue represents competence. While for average consumer this fact is unknown, hence without even knowing this your mind will be influenced.
  2. Ads makes you impulsive: While we take as many as 5000 ads per day, some ads makes us impulsively behave. Hence without even urgency we buy that product. Thus don’t be impulsive and take some moment to think that do you really need that or not. So reflect you thoughts into action accordingly.
  3. Ads want you to make relatable assumptions: Well we all have seen perfume or pizza adds, where almost every time somewhere in the ads they used French or Italian accent to make it more convenient. But keep in mind it’s not that true. Though you might assume that the perfume is straight away from French or raw materials from the country have been used in terms of production it’s not true in some sense.
  4. Ads play with your emotions: This is something all the consumers are well aware but never tried to get rid of it.
  5. Keep ads away from your kids: Otherwise bad eating practices might lead to obesity or bad traits of behavior might make your kid insensible.
  6. Always one screen at a time: Otherwise less intensive decision and much more destruction.
  7. Adds will always be saying that expensive is better option which is actually not.
  8. Think twice before donating as shown in the ad.
  9. Read the final print before making any assumptions.
  10. Ads know your favorite season: Hence they will provide huge discount depending upon weather.

Hope these tricks about advertisement production were enough to make you an ad intellect person here 広告制作.

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