Air Optix Aqua contact facts

Air Optix Aqua has been produced using silicone hydrogel, making a thin and lightweight focal point, with a scarcely discernible nearness on your eyes. Enabling eyes to appreciate up to five times the measure of oxygen as other delicate contacts, these are probably the most breathable contact freshlook around. Combined with the 33% water content, this component makes the focal points exceedingly agreeable to wear, guarding eyes from lack of hydration and keeping the beginning of dry eyes as the day goes on.

Simple to put in, and to take out, these amazing focal points can be worn day by day for up to multi month, as long as a daily cleaning and putting away routine is taken after. Utilizing a multi-reason arrangement, for example, comfi All-in-One Solution guarantees reliably clean freshlook when you come to placing them in each morning, while the protein-safe material of the focal point itself makes the shot of getting any earth or aggravations throughout the day negligible.

Broadened wear can be a wearing choice for your focal points, if this is endorsed by your optician. For this situation, you’d have the capacity to wear your Air Optix Aqua contact freshlook constantly, both day and night, for up to seven days, without expecting to evacuate them. By and by, in any case, you’ll have to affirm with your optician that your eyes are suited to resting in your focal points.

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