Use of pipeline stopper in new construction

pipe coring

The inflatable cylinder stoppers also known as pipeline stopper is mainly used during the building of supply-lines on sites. They are basically used during the repair work in order to check air as well as water leakage in pipes. In the construction of large buildings, a large number of pipelines are run underneath. After the construction is complete these pipes beneath the earth are covered by the foundation of buildings. In short, the pipe stoppers are effective and reliable for sealing drainage systems, sewers, gullies and pipelines.

pipe coring

The material of the pipeline stoppers

As these pipe stoppers are used to seal the drainage systems, they are made of good quality rubber. They are made in such a way that they are able to withstand extreme of temperatures from -30 degree C to 80 degrees C.

A range of sizes

These pipe stoppers are known to be available in different sizes from as small as 200 MM to as large as a small car. The series of pipe stoppers consists of 26 different standard types.The inflatable cylinder stoppers are easy to handle and can be easily carried into pipelines that are used in the water drainage system.


  • The pipeline stopper is suitable for a variety of different pipes, made of concrete, iron steel, stainless steel and PVC.
  • They are completely leakproof.
  • Quite safe to use
  • Come with a long life

Pipelines stoppers are a great solution for stopping water flow by creating an airtight seal in the pipe. Moreover, they can also be used to locate leaks, test air pressure and to inject certain chemicals in the pipeline.

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