How Did Technology Change the Learning Setting?

It’s very clear that the human brain is now wired to accept societal changes and technological advancements. The way we transform information evolved through time, and we can now process information in ways that were even thought to be unthinkable in the past. Albeit there are now many talks regarding the subject of technology in a learning environment as to whether or not it’s good or bad, we still can’t disregard the fact that it’s still a change.

Parents and educators, no matter what the setting may be, needs to assure that their children and students are learning. Parents, guardians, and teachers are constantly faced with the challenge in making sure that their kids and students stay engaged in a constant state of learning and engagement. Techniques in relaying education and information have changed throughout the course of time, and now there are many tools that can greatly assist in the learning environment.

An Increase of Interaction

The traditional classroom setting will show us of a student and teacher relationship, and perhaps nothing more than that. However, if we take a look at today’s technological marvels, there’s an apparent presence of interactivity that cannot be dismissed. In fact, now with the presence of social media and online games, the brain now craves interaction more than ever. There are times when we notice some students becoming “antsy” inside the classroom. However, and in reality, sitting in a chair for several hours without talking to anyone has never been an ideal learning structure. The assistance of technology can break classroom barriers, and this can ultimately bring about a positive outcome for a child’s learning experience.

An “On Demand” Model of Learning

There was a time when the only way to get learning materials was to go to the local library or to seek the help of tutors and teachers. For the latter operation, it becomes a game of hide-and-seek because you’d have to wait for the educator go back to the faculty office unless you know their schedule beforehand. Now that we live in an age wherein we can get learning materials with a few simple presses of buttons, there’s no more reason to complain about not having enough information for projects and homework.

The Mobile Revolution

With a lot of tools joining the fray of mobile technology, what does this trend have in store for the classroom setting? Will schools start implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” policy? Will the addition of a mobile gadget bring distraction from the outside world while the student is still in the classroom? The subject of bringing mobile gadgetry is still a topic of much debate. However, there are ways wherein educational facilities can take advantage of the mobile revolution without bringing distractions to the classroom scene. For instance, the in-house Wi-Fi connection of the school has all the social media portals blocked so students have no way of accessing their social networking accounts while inside the premises.

It’s not only the classroom learning setting that’s changing because of technology but the home learning environment as well. With Saps ibu bapa or parents with SAPS (SAP Application Performance Standard), fathers and mothers can help their child in laying down the path for a better learning experience than ever before, and that’s even with the help of technology.


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