Are you concerned by the parasitic state on Lille (NORD) ?

YES, if you notice an infestation with agents of biological degradation of wood in a building that you own. In case of infestation with the merule, you must declare it obligatorily in town hall . In this case, the observation of the parasitic state in the built and non-built buildings and on the works will make it possible to affirm that it is indeed of merule.

YES, if you sell all or part of a building, for which the purchaser and / or the notary asks you to perform a parasitic diagnosis

The diagnosis of the parasitic state of wood is not mandatory at the regulatory level.

 However, in some areas where the risk of agents of biological degradation of wood other than termites is very high, the realization of the Parasitic Diagnosis is the only solution of expertise to overcome the guarantee of hidden defects corresponding .

Benefits of our offer

A network of agencies throughout the national territory A network of agencies throughout the country.

Certified and trained technicians, whose maintenance is provided by continuous internal training.

Assistants trained to listen to our clients and make appointments.

An intervention capacity adapted to your needs.

In case of significant heritage, a project manager is specifically assigned to the organization and monitoring of our interventions.

An integrated software solution-field, powerful and fast, adapted to the field-use and the edition of the reports at the end of the intervention.

termites dallas or

Why perform a termite search diagnosis?

Insects with xylophagous larvae, and especially termites , can cause significant disturbances in housing by degrading the wood and its derivatives used in buildings. Their nuisances can affect the quality of use of buildings but also cause significant damage in their structure. In the most serious cases, it can lead to their collapse.

A termite condition therefore responds to a problem of building safety.

What is the state of termites?

This condition is intended to inform the purchaser of the construction situation as to the presence or absence of termites dallas or.

This report identifies the property in question, specifies the parts visited and those that could not be, the parts infested by the presence of termites and those who are not. The diagnosis is dated and signed.

How long does a diagnostic report termite on Lille?

The termite validity period is six months.

What are the consequences of termite diagnosis report?

In the absence of this report when signing the definitive deed of sale, the seller can not exonerate himself from the guarantee of hidden defects.

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