Wildlife Photography: A Closer Look

Norman Asch

There’s a kind of Photography that has never taken place before that is taking place in New York right now. It is a type of wildlife photography that isn’t based on new technologies as we’ve seen in wildlife videography, but the ability of the photographer to get closer to the animal than past photographers have.

Norman Asch is at the forefront of this movement; he is considered to be the best in his field even though he is still much younger than most of his contemporaries. Anna Glickstein went on a trip with Norman and said of him, ‘The animals allowed him to get closer to him than anyone I’ve ever seen.’ On a recent trip to South-East Asia with some friends, which though it may sound like a vacation, is just a day at work for Norman, he took some incredible up-close video footage of an ape tearing apart its lunch; an apple.

Norman AschIt is in the simple things where beauty truly lies and photographers like Norman are capturing those idyllic moments (wherever on the globe they are)and bringing them to us. The importance of wildlife photography cannot be overstated as it shows nature and our environment in their true form and by showing this beauty as it decays, it brings people’s attention to the need to maintain it and not let deforestation and the global extinction of crucial and important species continue until it’s too late. Support art that supports the environment and support artists who support that art.

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