Men: basic tips to dress well after 50.

Men of all age have the right to look good. That id why we are presenting some tips to dress well for men after 50. Click here to know about denim กับ jeans ต่างกันยังไง.

We can start with the navy blazer

Tip number 1 choose one of light cold wool. The most normal in winter will be to add a coat or a raincoat above if necessary, since almost all offices and public buildings have heating; If you wear a fat wool jacket, all you will get is sweating during an important meeting.

Find a classic and comfortable model, 100% wool, navy blue (especially nothing of blue) with two buttons, straight (nothing crossed) and, if you are thin better because you can wear a “slim fit” model and this improves everything. Visit www amazon to buy.

Men: basic tips to dress well after 50.

Cotton or Chinese pants for everyday

Go with authentic Chinese or cottons pants, they have several models and cuts with which it is almost certain that you find one that suits you. They are easy to combine; you will always look good whatever the occasion.

Long-sleeved cotton shirts ideal for dressing well

Very important that they are long-sleeved, colors like blue, easy to combine; some with stripe or vichy box. Check that you can close the neck buttons but if you are not going to wear a tie it does not matter, what matters is to feel comfortable.

A good polo always pulls out of any trouble

In many country people wear polo shirts almost all year. Pay attention that the sleeves are not too short. Combined with a blazer gives a sporty touch in general very flattering.

Be careful when choosing the cut, beware of the slim fit! Men over 50 do not always have a flat.

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