The magical contact lances!!

contact lenses


There is various type of gambling game in the world but one of the high rated gambling games is poker. Since poker is very interesting hence it has taken the heart of many gambling followers. When it comes to win in a gambling match, players thinks everything is fairin-game in love that’s why they don’t agitate to cheat during game. Well there is numerous strategy of cheating in a poker game, in which marking the card with an invisible color is one of the basic cheating formula.

contact lenses

How to detect invisible dots

In order to detect a marked poker cards there are marked cards contact lenses which is highly beneficial. There are many players who usevarious invisible dots on the poker card and by the help of these extraordinary contact lenses he can easily detect the invisible dot. The are several suppliers of marked card in the market such as Royal, Lion, Modiano and many more which supplies the excellent quality of marked card. All these mark could be determined by the infrared contact lenses.


 The marked card is not likely to the traditional cards, unlike to traditional poker card it is made up of plastic. Since it is made by plastic, it is durable than the ordinary one whereas it is easy to suffer among the players. All these cards are easy to mark with an invisible ink, in this way odd will be in your favor each and every time.

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