Since a lot of countries considered modafinil as a controlled substance and is only available for people suffering from severe sleeping disorders, you might be thinking that you dream of trying to become smarter in a short period of time is over; well good news, there are modafinil legal alternative out there that possesses the right amount of punch as the very popular modafinil.

The legal alternative modafinil for sale available for an individual who seeks to unlock their brains capacity can be bought over the counter but still, it needs a proper prescription. Other reasons seek alternatives is because of the availability since modafinil these days are very hard to find because of its huge demand around the world as well as its price; legal alternatives are a whole lot cheaper than modafinil while there are tons of reasons particularly side effects make people shift to alternatives.

  • Adrafinil- It is the cheaper variant of cognitive enhancing drugs that when taken inside the body instantly amplifies the same results like modafinil just like alertness and wakefulness thus a lot of people decides to get their own stack of this cheaper variant.
  • Pitosolant- It is another type of wakefulness drug that mainly focused on targeting the histamine receptors of the brain and a lot of people who used this alternative have proven that it also has the very similar effects of modafinil and also it is relatively cheaper as adrafinil.
  • Fluorenol- Unlike pitosolant, it is focused on stimulating other types of histamine in the brain thus it has shorter effects for a person seeking alertness and wakefulness and its side effects includes insomnia.
  • Qualia- is an organic and natural cognitive enhancing supplement. It is not a drug but rather a plant-based nootropic that can be taken in a regular basis and many experts in the field of science claimed that it is an essential nutrient for the brain to keep it healthy.
  • Alpha Brain- it is a brand name of a natural nootropic that is manufactured by Onnit Labs which mainly focused on enhancing brain concentration, mood and energy of an individual because of its main ingredient, the Huperzia Serrata, a Chinese herbal plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine for cellular regeneration of the body. It also has ginseng, passion flower and lemon balm for added effects and benefits of the body. It is proven and tested to have no bad side effects to the user.
  • Cat’s Claw- an Amazonian herb which is locally known as Vincaria was also discovered not just a cognitive enhancing supplement but it also possesses anti-inflammatory substances that can cure people suffering from over fatigue and tiredness. People who use it as cognitive enhancer consumes a large amount of this herb to experience its full effects on the brain but it is best advised to take in on a prescribed level of dosage. It is considered a natural nootropic that can amplify similar effects of modafinil but it is not as potent as the latter.

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