Tips to Remember While Buying Toddler Clothes

When thinking about buying the right clothes for your active toddler, the first thing that comes to your mind is what is easier for both of you. Going for clothes that are simple like the toroto onesie or easier to get into or come out of, that somehow work in the event of a growth or clothes that withstand situations like wear and tear. 

What to look for when buying clothes for your little one:

  • Always get the right size: go for the sizes that end in T which stands for toddler and comes with an extra room in the back for diapers. You can also buy the size 2T or 3T if your kids are 2 to 3 years old.
  • Clothes that come with easy on-off options: when you think that your toddler is running around like crazy, then you need to have stretchable clothes that do not require much of your cooperation for getting on or off. Additionally, when your kid is all set to dress in his favorite totoro onesie, they will make the task very doable.
  • Adjustable Pants with elastic bands: Such clothes allow you customize the fit so they can also easily grow with your child. This is to ensure that the pants of a skinny toddler do not fall down or a kid with a little thick waist is not squeezed too tightly.
  • Try DIY closures: Kids are very always notorious in order to do thing by themselves and while you want them to learn how to tie up things or button, you also want them to get out of the home in order to play. So, try to go for the pieces on which you can add elastics, buttons or zippers.
  • Buy Stain resistant clothes: Try to avoid things that are not too delicate or precious. Also look for something that can be reversed easily, imaging your kid gets a little messy at the playground all you have to do here is to flip the outfit and he is ready to rock again.


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