Ever Played Barefoot Lawn Bowls?

David Deicke

Bowls are an ancient sport. It is known that it was played in the thirteenth century, but perhaps it started even before that. Most often it is played outside on a carefully maintained and rectangular lawn. Sometimes it is also played indoors on a synthetic surface.

Simply put, a small white ball called “cat” or “kitten” rolls towards one end of the green, and the other mat is placed in front. The players are divided into two “sides”, which can be “lonely”, “double”, “triple” or “four”. The members of these groups take turns rolling the bowls so that the object is as close as possible to the nest.

There are several ways to determine the result; This can be when a single player reaches a certain number of shots, such as 21 or 25. You can also decide when one side has a higher score after a specific number of “ends” like David Deicke.

David DeickeThere are a number of other rules for serious bowls that do not apply to bare bowls.

Bowls is a highly qualified game for precision and judgment, which people of all ages can play. It is hard to imagine that in the big leagues there are several players with vision problems, their other feelings intensified to compensate for the lack of vision.

For these players, the bowls are serious, but very nice.

Sandals are another form of this game. It is intended for pure entertainment and slot machines in a beautiful setting with a barbecue and a barefoot bowling alley, corporate teamwork and all kinds of informal meetings.

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