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To understand a proxy server, it is nothing but the intermediate between the server and the client computer. It is present because it helps the client computer. They take help from this proxy server mainly for requesting any files, web pages, or some other resources. The proxy server can be understood as an identification shield which will be present between the client machine and server machine.

proxy browser

The main reason for which proxy is placed is to act like a security protector who must sit between the server computer and the client computer. For example, the client sends some information,or it requests for some information directly to the server. Then it is easy for the server to the identity client machine. So, it will startcollecting all the information about the client machine.

But if the proxy is present between them, this will not happen. The client will get connected to proxy and proxy will get connected o server machine. So, there will be a request or sending information from the client will always be through a proxy. So, the server can collect information only from the proxy. This is the reason it is very easy to protect the personal information of the client computer by using a proxy server.

This is the reason anyone who wants to secure and protect their information from getting hacked or damaged by any other third party which will be present on the internet should make use of the proxy server. The good thing is proxy is very easy to use. There are many free as well as paid proxy services available in the market today. For more information refer proxysite online.

Compared to the paid proxy server, there will be fewer features and advantages in the free proxy servers. This is the reason if the user is professional or he is running some business; then it is better to use paid proxy services.

Advantages of Proxy:

There are many advantages of a proxy server. Some of them are

  • Main this is proxy helps in protecting the client’s personal and important information from the hackers
  • The proxy can be used to bypass some blocked websites. So, it is possible to access restricted country websites by using a proxy
  • The proxy can also be used to increase the privacy and security levels

Along with this, the proxy is also used to increase the browsing speed as well in accessing data. This is because proxy comes with a good cache system. So, this cache system will hold some information which is required by the user. So, the user can access them later when they need it.

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