How to become an entrepreneur at Canada

entrepreneur at Canada

Becoming a foreign resident has a great passion among people. They love to settle in foreign countries due to number of reasons. Among every reason the main link would be money. In order to make more money people tend to get jobs or start business overseas and they wish to return to their countries with handsome money. The Canada immigration hong kong had widened the opportunities for all kind of people. If you want to work in Canada or usa you can take up employee visas and do your job over there. Or if you want to become an entrepreneur you can get into entrepreneurial streams developed by the immigration service.

Using this stream you could start your own business overseas. You could reside over there in Canada where you start your business. There are few eligibility criteria for the candidate who apply for this entrepreneurial visa.

immigration service

  • The age of the person should be above 22 years and they should not be beyond 55 years.
  • Having a business experience for nearly five years is important. This is to ensure their capability of taking and running a business successfully over there.
  • The person who apply for this visa should take up IELTS test to prove their English efficiency.
  • The person must have educational qualification worth a graduation or post-graduation.

Applying for a visa is asking for permission to enter a country and this is to ensure both safety of the person and the safety of the country. In order to prevent from threats or enemies enter theircountry they really want to check with their details. Many people apply for visa through immigration consultant hong kong as there are many complications and types. This might be confusing for us. But they will make the work easy for us.

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